101 Tips - Everyday Life Style to Woman

  1. Shirts with wide straps, dresses and tops with higher necklines, three-quarter length sleeves are all very flattering on broad shoulders.

2. To bring focus onto your waist wear a belt that contrasts with your outfit. A dress or a top that wraps around or ties at your waist will draw the eye to your waist.

3. To bring focus onto your bust wear scoop or V-necklines, knits or soft fabrics, logistically placed prints or embellishment.

4. Styles that are slenderizing: long vertical lines and patterns, tops with button-front closings, vertical tucks, and V-necklines. Skirts with vertical pressed pleats are also very sliming.

5. Balance the plus or minus of your silhouette. If your torso is narrow and your bottom broader, choose styles with details that broaden your top and vice versa.

6. To minimize and downplay large areas choose styles with virtually no details in the area you want to minimize. Also use dark solid colors in those larger areas and avoid large or horizontal prints ruffles.

7. Highlight areas you wish to flaunt by choosing details such as draping, embellishments, pleats, and yokes that help accentuate those areas.

8. To conceal certain areas choose styles with a relaxed fit, and fabrics that flow. Avoid styles that are form-fitting and snug.

9. To lift your mood wear your favorite color.

10. To look and sexy don clothes that bring focus on your strengths-tiny waist, cleavage, curved hips, elegant legs, or a combination of all if you are lucky.


11. Don’t keep repeating the same outfit. Variety is the spice of life, So get out of the rut and experiment with different styles every now and then.

12. To create an original look take any family jewelry or an antique brooch you many have access to.

13. If you are wearing dark colors because you are feeling over weight and bloated, but the weather is hot, then make sure the fabric is lightweight.

14. Camouflage a wide waist with clothing that has no defined waistline, like a sheath dress or a tunic.

15. For an instant artsy look, wear a mid-calf skirt.

16. A long heavy chain draped on a plunging neckline will add weight to help hold the material in place while adding pizzazz.

17. If you have heavy upper arms the sleeves are long enough to hide the heaviest part.

18. The right that can be your signature and can help you look great on those bad hair days.

19. Your sunglasses can make you feel chic instantly. Pick out frames that suit your face.

20. Wearing color is the quickest way to get a compliment from a man.

21. Your hem should never end at the thickest part of your leg- be it above the knee, calf, or ankle. Adjust the hem to fall at a more slender part of your leg

22. Mix practicality with some femininity. Wear a swinging georgette skirts with your suit jacket, or a lace camisole under your jacket.

23. Have that one staple dinner dress in which you feel great, so you never have to shop frantically to meet a last minute invitation

24. When wearing a bold, bright color or print, keep the line of the outfit simple to balance the drama.

25. Sexy dressing might mean wearing low-cut, short or fitted or baring shoulders, but unless you are comfortable it does not come across as attractive.

26. Invest in the best handbag you can afford. It will lift the level of your entire outfit with its message of quality and help your image

27. Your underwear should match your skin tone, not the color of the cloth you wear.

28. The prints you wear can reveal your personality. A geometric print appears to be more orderly and predictable, while a wild print sends a message of excitement and flair.

29. Soft textures like chiffon, cashmere, and angora can feminize your outfit.

30. Soft and thin fabrics like silk crepe and wool jersey fall better and are more slenderizing than heavier and bulky fabrics like wool and tweed.

31. When combining two different colors to wear, choose the color that is more flattering of the two to wear next to your face.

32. Wear high heals, but never so high that you can’t walk gracefully.

33. If you have a tummy, never wear a dress or skirt that is too tight. A wrap skirt or one with a sarong is better.

34. Purchasing a fragile item means you must be willing to put up with the necessary upkeep, such as large cleaning bills and frequent ironing. Make your purchase decisions wisely.

35. Make sure to match the colors of your outfits in daylight. Different fabrics pick up the same dye shade differently.

36. If you are short, do not wear contrasting colors in one outfit but keep colors in one family instead. Contrasts breakup and make you look even shorter.

37. If you are tall, avoid bold, expansive patterns and tiny floral prints. Also avoid fabrics that are too stiff or too flimsy.

38. Before putting clothes back in your closet, air them and make all necessary alterations so that every item is in tip-top shape and ready for wear when needed.

39. Lacy lingerie can slip you into a feminine mood and make you feel confident.

40. A wardrobe that consist of clothes in classic neutrals, such as white, beige, gray, and black, will mix with anything. These Can always be dressed   up with colorful accessories, such as jewelry, belts, scarves and jackets.

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41. When you are faced with a last-minute date, dinner, or any special event you have no time to change, a piece of jewelry and bright lipstick works beautifully. Keep these  in your purse at all times.

42. When shopping for new clothes or shoes bear in mind that comfort should always come before fashion.

43. When looking to exude authority, closed pumps are more appropriate than open-toed shoes.

44. Look for evening wear possibilities in the lingerie department, such as a satin camisole or a lacy top. You can save a lot of money.

45. A large colorful printed scarf can serve as a hip wrap or a shawl as well as a brightener under your coat.

46. A big white shirt can be used as cover-up for your bathing suit when tied at the waist or hip.

47. If you feel your clothes are “running away” from your body add a belt to secure the dress to your body.

48. Have at least four to six favorite scarves in different sizes and lengths , colors, and patterns in your wardrobe so you can change the mood of your outfits.

49. When going on a trip, pack basics for layering and unique pieces of jewelry to spice up your wardrobe to keep it interesting.

50. If a certain designers clothes fit you best then stick to the designer and always check out their new collections. Designers tend to cut the same sizes and proportions over and over and even stick to similar fabrics in similar shades, making it easier to update your wardrobe.

51. If it’s raining, wear an outfit that goes with your “rain roof” shoes. If it’s a cloudy day, wear a bright dress,. If it’s sunny and warm, wear your short flirty skirt or your light and softly draped dress. If it’s hot, avoid your close fitting suit.

52. If a blouse or jacket pulls around your shoulders and back even slightly, or if you can’t button it do not purchase it

53. Before going shopping make a list of what you absolutely need and go straight for those items before spending all your money on other things.

54. A bright accessory or a pair of shoes with the latest shape or heel will update your entire wardrobe.

55. Update your outfits and give them a lift easily by shortening hemline or changing the buttons on your shirt.

56. Your jacket is the most important garment in your wardrobe. Buy the best you can afford and make it a classic so it looks current for years to come.

57. Invest in outfits that serve more than one function and that can be dressed up or dressed down.

58. Each new season buy one piece of clothing that makes you feel current and that can mix easily with your existing wardrobe.

59. Purchase in inexpensive shirt or jacket and changing to better quality buttons can transform it to look more expensive instantly.

60. Your closet should be organized so that every item is visible and uncovered to allow you to find what you need easily and instantly.

61. Fashion is synonyms with change. Keep only what you believe will be classic enough to look current the next season.

62. The styles you love today may be outdated six months from now, so don’t collect too many articles in a similar style unless that is your signature.

63. Don’t save your clothes for that special occasion. Enjoy all of them, as fashion can change, just as your body can change over time.

64. Don’t ever purchase clothes that you need help getting into.

65. When shopping for specific clothing bring along right shoe, bra, or pieces you intend to wear with that item.

66. Wear layers under a coat to make sure if its before purchasing it.

67. When switching from day to evening, wear your suit without a blouse.

68. Have a couple of outfits in your favorite colors that are your perk-me-ups to pull out and wear on days when you may be feeling sad or depressed.

69. Remove the inside pocket lining in pants and skirts to keel your clothes from bulging in the hips.

70. Always have a break jacket and a black belt in your wardrobe for an instantly pulled-together look.


71. Looking authoritative does not mean wearing drab and dull colors. Choose neutrals that are not mousy, not subtle, and not boring. Mix textures and add accessories to create style.

72. When buying clothes and accessories, keep in mind that any bra, skirt, or sleeve that is too tight and uncomfortable will keep you from being to concentrate on your work or from looking confident.

73. If you are wearing a matching color pant or skirt with the same color jacket., your inside blouse or sweater should be a contrasting color.

74. Do not wear dark underwear beneath light color outfits. Even if you don’t think you can see the contrast, others may be able to.

75. To save yourself the trouble of checking your coat at restaurants and venues, you may want to drape an evening shawl over your clothes instead. That way, you can keep it with you, and it can actually add a flash of color to your outfit as well.

76. Cuffed make your legs look shorter.

77. Tucking your top into your pantyhose helps give a smooth line and ensures it does not keep spilling out. You can still pull out your top evenly for that relaxed, blouson look.

78. Make sure to stand up straight and tall. Poor posture can ruin the look of your clothing.

79. Too many gray’s and blacks in your wardrobe give a sophisticated but drab message. Always introduce an interesting element or color to break it up.

80. For effective storage, take care to stuff your fragile blouse sleeves and evening gown sleeves with tissue paper. Stuff your strapped shoes, hats and pouch purses, as well, to maintain the shape.

81. If you have a habit of slouching, wear slightly higher heels to remind yourself to walk more gracefully.

82. If you have a great rear, wear bas-cut skirts in soft, flowy fabrics and well-fitted pants with tucked in tops.

83. A pushed-up or rolled up sleeve look adds a modern twist to your jacket.

84. Don’t overdo it with the accessories. They should never be the focus but lead the eye to your face instead.

85. When at work, avoid low necklines, clinging or see-through clothes, glitter and tight-fitting outfits.

86. Stay away from clinging fabrics if you are too thin. Wear fabrics with some body instead.

87. In the office or in your car, always keep a pair of black pumps with the highest heels you feel comfortable walking in unexpected dates or evenings out.

88. If you admire a person for the way they look and dress, its perfectly okay to copy them. It could be their lipstick color, the way they layer their clothes, their impeccable way of dressing. The right role model is preferable to fashion magazines, which are all photos hopped anyhow.

89. Money spent on alternations is money well spent. It saves you from having to purchase new expensive items of clothing each season and ensures that your outfits fit properly.

90. Browsing through fashion in the best stores, especially when your budget is small, means you can learn to look for similar merchandise at a more affordable store.

91. When shopping, don’t think you will lose weight and settle and settle for a smaller size. If it does not fit you now wait until you have lost the weight to make the purchase.

92. Better to spend money on that one expensive item rather than wasting money on a dozen compromises that do not give you as much joy.

93. Your silk scarf can be your best friend. Carry it in your bag to serve as a quick fix to dress up or add warmth to your outfit or as cover for bare shoulders and neckline when needed.

94. For a more balanced look, wear the darker color on the bottom and keep the top lighter.

95. When planning an outfit for an important occasion, rehearse the entire outfit you are going to wear, exactly as you would wear it. Move around and sit down in it to make you will be comfortable. This will give you the confidence you need.

96. Choose the outfit you are going to wear the night before. This will help you make better decisions and ensure you don’t freeze up in front of your closet in the mornings.

97. Never make a purchase unless the item says something you want to say about yourself.

98. Comfort is key, especially when you know you are going to a stressful event or will be having a long day. Make sure to choose the outfit and shoes that will keep you looking and feeling comfortable.

99. Focus on fit: Wearing well-fitted clothes instantly elevates your style. Ensure your clothes are neither too loose nor too tight.

100. Small, sophisticated geometric prints give you a more authoritative look than do large prints and florals.

101. Whatever you do, make sure your clothes fit you well and look like they belong to you.